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GreenFest Solidarity

GreenFest 2019 in Hampstead Norreys was a fantastic family-friendly event with a great vibe, where people of all ages and backgrounds came together to support efforts prevent the pollution and destruction of our planet.

It was wonderful to meet so many supporters and it was a joy to be welcomed as a stallholder at the event! Fiona, a volunteer, had a display of sustainable gift-wrapping ideas which included using crisp packets(!!), newspaper, and scraps of fabric. I was happy to make some homemade wrapping furoshiki, which could also be used as a reusable, alternative plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables, as well as being decorative as tissue box covers, book covers, and of course gift wrap.

Other stall holders sold handmade wooden children's toys, "playdough" and crayons, Japanese paper art and aprons made from crisp packets. It was a collection of unique items that you wouldn't normally see anywhere else.

Definitely doing this again next year! Come along and join in!

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