Make what you need from a single piece of beautiful cloth.

Less is more. Take the next step in your eco-friendly lifestyle with furoshiki.

... and more.


Beautiful. Eco-friendly. Brilliant.

Furoshiki or "eco-wraps", are beautiful Japanese wrapping cloth that can be used again and again for different purposes, just by being folded and tied with knots. It eliminates the need for buying single-purpose items so you can spend less, have less clutter, and reduce waste as a result.

Learning how to tie furoshiki only requires a furoshiki and willingness to learn. Choose your furoshiki from our shop and start your journey into a simpler lifestyle by signing up for a workshop!

Furoshiki (Eco-wrap) Morning at Village Green
Village Green, The Barn, Kennel Cottage,
Herriard RG25 2PD

About kansha

Kansha means "grateful" in Japanese. Thankfulness is the core value behind my love of teaching people about furoshiki and how to use it.


Many of our lives and homes are filled with too many things. As a consequence, many of our "things" are not greatly valued and sent to the landfill, creating devastating consequences for the environment and our children. However, now that we are more aware, we can strive to make conscious consumer choices. The versatility of furoshiki gives us an opportunity to create solutions with our own two hands, rather than having to buy single-purpose items. We learn to rely on ourselves and develop an appreciation for our own ability and skills. 

Kansha is gratitude- to life, to our blessings, and to the vast potential we have within each of ourselves to learn, create, and help others.


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